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Weight2,860 lbs

Grinding diameter 7.9 in Workpiece length (max.) 20 in Outside grinding measure, maximum Ø 0.2-2. x 15.8 in Inside grinding measures, optimal Ø 0.4-2 x 3 in Tool grinding measure 8x20 in Work piece length surface grinding 8 in Work piece width surface grinding 2 in Workpiece weight (max.) 22 lbs Table swivel range (max.) +45° / -30° Travels Travel Z-axis 19 in Feed Feed per hand-wheel rotation X-axis, fine 0.0394 in Feed per hand-wheel rotation X-axis, rough 0.1575 in Feed per scale division X-axis, fine 0.0002 in Feed per scale division, X-axis, rough 0.00079 in Scale division of height adjustment 0.00039 in Longitudinal feed speed (hydraulic) 0 - 20 fpm Manual, hydraulic assist 23 fpm Headstock Working headstock swivel range ± 90° Working spindle speed (3) 110 - 300 rpm Working spindle taper MT 2 Chuck diameter 4 in Grinding headstock Grinding spindle speed 2,500 rpm Inside grinding spindle speed 13,500 rpm Grinding headstock swivel range ± 90 Grinding headstock - vertical / - transverse 8 in Tailstock Height adjustment per handwheel rotation 0.04 in Tailstock taper MT 2 Tailstock quill stroke 1 in Drive Capacity Machine drive capacity 3.4 Hp Motor rating main drive 1.5 Hp Measures and Weights Grinding wheel dimensions 7.87x0.79x2.95 in Grindstone dimensions, inside grinding (min.) 0.4x0.4x0.1 in Grindstone dimensions, inside grinding (max.) 1x0.8x0.2 in

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Tool Grinders